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Who we are.

 Our experts facilitate focus groups to gain consumer insights  their clients can use. Led by an MBA/LPC and a 20+ year communications vet, Consumer Focus USA is able to get more than just answers to questions. 

We get emotions.

We get buying habits. 

We get the truth. 


What we do.

We seek out participants and gently guide them in groups of 8-12 through a series of investigative questions. These answers help us glean the type of information our clients can use.  Then we deliver our findings in an easy-to-interpret format, along with our recommendations, in a timely fashion.  


Let's do this.

We know there isn't a one-size-fits-all for any client. So to get started, simply shoot us an email and we can hop on a call - or better yet, we can meet in person - to discuss your needs.  That's the best way we've found to deliver the type of proposal that works for your specific goals.

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